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Roadmap to your roots: on the rise of genealogy-based travel - The Hindu

“Close to 20% of our trips recently have been genealogy-themed, and this is rising. The most visited sites are the Golden Triangle — Delhi, Agra and Jaipur — with an almost equal number to Kerala and Tamil Nadu, followed by the Northeast,” he adds. In the West, families have been heading out in search of their roots for a couple of decades now. Mary O’Brien Hetland, an Arizona-based former teacher, describes her six-week trip with her sisters in 1998 to Ireland — prompted by her family’s Sunday afternoon reminiscences of their homeland — as “passionate and emotive”. “I believe my Irish grandparents moved to Chicago in the early 1900s. They came to the US for the usual reasons: to support their families back home and to have better opportunities,” she says. “We wanted to see the sights and scenery, since we had been exposed to it by our aunts and grandparents through Irish literature, music, dance and books,” she says, adding, “I felt a deep sense of kinship and caring. I really had a sense of being accepted into a larger clan.” According to James Derheim, owner of European Focus, a US-based travel agency that specialises in European heritage tours, the internet has amped up the growth of genealogy-based travel. His own journey began in the 1980s, as a photojournalist for the US Army. “I was working for a daily newspaper in Germany and remember seeing a road sign for a town called Bremen and wondering why it was so familiar.

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Online travel agency moves harming profitability: What hotels need to know

Subscribe to the PhocusWire newsletter below! I accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy . The reservations for these rates are “facilitated by third-party business partners,” which industry analysts have identified as Agoda.com (which is part of Booking Holdings) and Ctrip, the Chinese mega‐OTA (Booking Holdings owns 8% of Ctrip and is a strategic partner of the Chinese OTA). The problem is that these “basic” rates come from wholesale and group rates hotels have given Agoda and Ctrip for specific package programs, not for public use or unbundled sales and global transient distribution, which is in clear violation of the wholesale contract terms. Expedia’s Ad‐On Advantage program: If your property participates in Expedia’s Package Booking Program, review your contract terms and explicitly disallow Expedia to offer the discounted package rates unbundled in any shape or form. In other words, the package rates cannot be offered “naked” to the customers and must be bundled in a package with air, car rental, etc.; the package should be offered with a single package price to the travel consumer. If you experience any resistance from Expedia, simply stop participating in the Package Booking Program. Booking.Basic program: Amend your agreements with Agoda, Ctrip and other OTAs, bed banks and wholesalers to include provisions banning the use of group/wholesale rates for transient customers or selling discounted rates that are meant for packages in a “naked” form, i.e., unbundled from air, car rental or local tours and activities. If you experience any resistance, stop providing these OTAs, bed banks and wholesalers with wholesale inventory and pricing altogether. Focus on the direct channel to improve profitability: Endemic under‐investing in direct online booking‐generating technology and digital marketing is one of the main reasons why hospitality has allowed the OTAs to continuously gain market share over the years.

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I would say she never got indicted. I'm certain she did illegal things. Lying to Congress was one. The magical cattle futures investment another. Using the WH as her personal travel agency may have been and of course Whtiewater.
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